Weight management

Weight management

Weight management is the process that follows weight loss. You got rid of the extra pounds but now you have to be careful not to put them back on.

That’s why low calorie diets that make you lose 10 pounds in a week are to be avoided, you will gain weight just as fast as you lost it and it’s not benefic to your body.

Before starting a diet don’t think you will keep it for a week or two and after you can resume your eating habits. Don’t just rush in, take some time to think about what you are doing.

Losing weight it’s not just about dieting and exercising, your attitude towards it counts the most. Remember that weight loss is also about a healthy lifestyle and it can keep you away from a variety of conditions and illnesses and can even expand your life span.

First of all you have to be determined to live a healthy life, you are not keeping a one week diet you are changing your eating habits for life. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a chocolate bar, or fries or a soda never again in your life but you have to be moderate about it.

If this feels overwhelming consider talking to a psychiatrist specialized in nutrition issues and weight management. The first step towards solving this food issue is accepting it and asking for specialized help if you feel you can’t deal with it on your own. Consider joining a Weight management support group and learn about other people experiences if that helps.

Weight management – Working Out

Working out, exercising or any kind of physical activity should be on your daily to do list. You don’t have to work yourself out to exhaustion, go for a walk or dance around the house, skip the elevator at work and take the stairs and remember that any kind of movement is benefic to your body

Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself to celebrities and think “If they can do it why can’t I”. For them staying fit and good looking is an all day job and they have an entire staff of nutritionists and personal trainers to help them with their Weight management

Calculate and keep track of you daily calories intake, normally a woman needs about 1800 kilo calories per day and a man around 2000 kilo calories but that differs from person to person, you can find online info on how to determine the exact daily amount of needed calories.

Weight management – Healthy Lifestyle

Weigh management and having a healthy life style is about moderation when it comes to food but there will be times when you’ll not be able resist having a piece of cake or icecream or junk food and that is perfectly normal, after all you are not a robot.

It’s important not to let yourself get discouraged about this and remember that a donut is not the end of the world, all you have to do is eat poor calories foods the next day or go for an extra mile when you do your daily walk and you’ll burn the extra calories.

Peaches and apricots can help you when you feel like eating something sweet because they contain more sugar than other fruits and will make you get rid of that need for sweets.

When you are dining out or going to dinner parties remember to keep it moderate or balance your next day meals if you made an excess.

I hope some of this has helped you learn more about Weightloss and if you have any questions please email me and I will do my best to help you, Stephen

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