Fastest way to lose weight

Fastest way to lose weight

You must have heard that there isn’t such a thing as the fastest way to lose weight and getting rid of the extra pounds is all about starvation, killer workout routines and all things that make your life a living hell.

Because the weight loss process starts when you burn more calories than you eat the quick way to lose weight is to cut down on your calories and engage in physical activities. This sounds simple enough yet there are so many people out there with weight issues.

Fastest way to lose weight – Great Tips To follow

•    Salad dressings and coffee creamers are not your friends! Sometimes the dressing has just as many calories as a salad and it’s not healthy in any way. Instead of buying the dressing look up for some dressing recipes based on yoghurt and fresh ingredients, they are not difficult to prepare and you will find them to be quite tasty. If you can’t live without your morning café lattes put some skim milk in a regular coffee instead of all those flavored coffee creamers and replace the sugar with some sweetener.

•    Easy on the pastry! Pastry products and bread are not fat foods but they are full on carbs and carbs are not good if you are looking for the fastest way to lose weight. You don’t have to give them up completely but replace white bread with whole grain bread which also contain fibers and avoid eating pastry products in the evening.

•    Don’t eat in the evening! We often hear that but what makes it so dangerous for our good looks to have a little snack while watching a movie before bed. That’s because our metabolism and burn rate it’s slow to inactive when we sleep so all the calories are not burned and instead we gain weight. As a general rule you shouldn’t have a consistent meal for at least 4 or 5 hours before you go to bed.

•    Be sure to have a little snack with you wherever you go! A cereal bar, a banana or even a small chicken sandwich will always come in handy when you feel hunger coming on. When you feel like you are getting hungry eat right away or drink a glass of water, you will feel satiated without having to eat too much food.

•    Prepare your own meals if possible! That way you will be sure that all the used ingredients are healthy and fresh and there are tons of low calories tasty recipes you can find online that don’t take much time to be cooked.

•    Eat more fish and chicken! If cooked right fish and chicken are two of the types of meat that have fewer calories than pork, beef or turkey. Make fish and chicken your primary choices when eating out, instead of the beef steak go for the chicken salad or find a place that is specialized in sea food.

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